Great Nature Photos – Select the Right Bird Photography Lens For Your DSLR

Getting just the right lens for each type of photography may not be in your budget, so you will want to choose the lenses that you do buy wisely. There are many different types of lenses that may qualify as a bird photography lens for your digital camera, and there are many that may “seem” to fit the bill but will fail to meet your expectations.

If price is no object for you, then just go ahead and get that $5,000-$8,000 super telephoto lens. But if you are restricted by budget, please read on before making your bird photography lens decision. And know that your choice of lens, because you want to get the best one possible, is going to cost you from several hundred up to fifteen hundred dollars.

There are 3 things to consider when you are buying a bird photography lens.

  1. Get the birds close. This means getting a long enough focal length to be able to fill the picture frame with the bird. Usually a minimum of 300mm, but 400mm would be much better.
  2. The lens must focus quickly. You don’t want to miss bunches of shots while your camera lens searches for the right focus.
  3. Image quality must be great. (This is a necessary qualification for any lens you purchase).

The best way to know whether the lens you wish to purchase is the right one for bird photography is to ask those who are already satisfied with their lens setup. Check the camera forums at or dpreview. There are lots of bird photographers who hang out at those two places.