Making Money at Home – Selling Photos on Stock Photography Sites

Luckily for those who have digital cameras, there is now a way to make money out of selling pictures.

What do you mean by Stock Photography? These refer to images which have no particular use to the photographer, but when uploaded to Stock Photography sites, they can be viewed and selected by people looking for a photo you might have that they have use for.

Businesses look for stock photos because these are affordable and it saves them from hiring a photographer who may charge a big amount. What you do is upload your photos for free to the stock photography website of your choice. When any of your photos is purchased, you will get a commission. A photo is not limited to only one purchase; this means one photo can bring you multiple commissions.

Here are examples of photographs that are most likely to sell:

· Famous landmarks. If you live near famous buildings, bridges or monuments, snap away at them, especially when the weather adds to their beauty. A good sunrise/sunset background will add wonders to your photos.
· Special events. Photos of fireworks during the New Year or other holidays are very highly likely to sell. You can arrange your photo submissions according to the season, like when it’s Christmas, you can upload Christmas-themed photos.
· Nature photos. Many businesses look for nature photos for either online or offline use. Some use these to design their websites, or as background for their advertisements. A bunch of nature photos always does well to the eyes, especially to those who fight so hard for the preservation of nature.
· Wildlife. You can turn to wildlife photos if you don’t live anywhere in a famous city or near famous landmarks. An animal photo with the perfect composition will attract people, too. They can be used for advertisements or promotions for human societies. Wildlife photos will be highly demanded by activists or environmentalists.
· Portraits. For this, you need to ask permission from your models first, since portrait pictures may be purchased for the purpose of promoting a product or some such things. There are many uses for portrait photos, to be sure. So explore your portrait photography skills and see if they don’t sell.

By now, you would have a clear idea on what Stock Photography is about. Grab your camera and start clicking away at any of the subjects mentioned above. You can research on good Stock Photography websites, like iStockPhoto and StockExpert to name a few.