Nature Photography and Taking Beautiful Natural Photos

If you’ve ever gone to a bookstore and admired the breathtaking nature photos in a calendar or other publication, you may have been slightly jealous that these photographers had such wonderful natural scenes at their disposal to capture on film. As an amateur photographer, you may have longed to live closer to nature in order to take photos of wildlife and nature scenes like the ones you see in galleries. Well believe it or not, you really don’t need to live in the deep woods or another remote location to take gorgeous nature photographs. All you really need is the desire, halfway decent photography skills, and a little motivation.

Many people who live in the city don’t realize that there are dozens of unique natural locations within every metropolis that might be indistinguishable from remote wilderness in photographs. Remember, as a photographer, the pictures you take only reflect what is within the limits of your lens, not the surrounding urban sprawl. Public parks, zoos, gardens and conservatories all offer a wonderful chance for you to photograph nature while still within the city. And while you might not be able to take a photo of endless miles and miles of wild expanses, you certainly will find lots of opportunities to take nature photos on a smaller scale within your own city or town.

If you have a long weekend or vacation time at your disposal, it’s also very easy for amateur photographers to plan a short getaway dedicated to taking nature photos. Don’t be afraid to step outside your normal comfort zone to plan a really exciting vacation in a location you have never visited before in search of the perfect photograph. In fact, most cities have a beautiful natural location within short driving distance, and it only takes a little bit of research to discover some real nature photography gems within a few hours of your home. With a full tank of gas and a simple camera, you’ll be amazed at the images you can bring home.

It’s up to you whether you want to photograph static scenes or actual wildlife, although many photographers find that it’s more difficult to capture animals, birds and insects on film. When photographing nature, don’t be afraid to spend a long time getting just the right positioning and lighting to get that perfect shot. Take pictures from many different angles and lighting conditions, and when you return home you’ll have a wide selection of shots to choose from and perfect.

Far too many amateur photographers don’t take the chance to develop their nature photography skills because they feel they aren’t skilled enough or they don’t have the right settings available to them. Neither of these could be further from the truth, and the only thing stopping your from being a great nature photographer is your own fears!