Perfecting Nature – Photo Manipulation Basics

The art of photography is different from other arts. This is something you realize when you start to learn photography. This is because photographs don’t come from the imagination. When you take a photo, you have to take an image from real life and immortalize it. The problem with that is real life isn’t exactly known for perfection. This means that unlike painting where the images have to pass through the mind, where it can be smoothed out and perfected, the camera can only copy reality.

The problem with that is the world is so used to perfection. Photography’s limitations are often detrimental for those who seek to create perfect pictures, namely fashion photographers and glamor photographers. This is where photo manipulation comes in. The art of creating touching up photos is something often used in the fashion industry. It makes sure that any imperfections that can be seen on the models in the shoot are smoothed out. This can be a light skin blemish or few wrinkles around the eyes, but the objective is the same: to create a perfect image.

In the old days, photo manipulation needed specialized equipment like airbrushes. However, in today’s modern world, computers are taking over that function. There is a plethora of photo-editing software available on the market right now. Combined with the availability of high-end computers, even the ordinary hobbyist photographer would be able to edit his shots. The boom of the Internet has also helped in this – tutorials are available for free online and some of them are quite accessible for beginners.

To start your journey into photo manipulation you must start by acquiring what you need. Getting a digital camera and a computer is a good start. Film-based cameras are fine, but since most photo editing is on the computer, it would be easier to work with a digital one. Next, you need to choose proper photo manipulation software. There are several freeware packages on the Internet and one of them should be good enough for a beginner. Finally, search the Internet for some digital photo manipulation tutorials to point you in the right direction.

There you are! That’s all you need to start your career in photo manipulation.